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Youthwork year 2014: part 2/4

Start for the second part of year. European 4, familiar to youthworker living in the north. Familiar to both directions, south and this time to the north.
In the end of March a trip to nice place situated In the middle of nowhere. Punk part of youngsters took official gig photo at monument of the Big Son of Pelkosenniemi municipality.
Freedom for Lapland: Etulinja punkstyle at Sportshall of Sallatunturi. We from Inari have sent groups to EastRock festival for a couple of times. Etulinja's this edition was ment to climb on stage twice but at Vasatokka Rajarock Salla delegation members invited this Tornio - Inari combination to their own festival. Cool system, new kind of style to do youthwork having a couple of youngsters from Inari with a couple of youthworkers from Tornio. And as I have understood this wasn't the end of story...

What I noticed in addition to the fact that we had really cool trip for boys: I like Salla style to organize an event and to do youthwork. Partly maybe because their style is like ours. And on the other hand: Salla never gives up though it's not easy there. Respect to Petteri and others!

In the beginning of April: direction East.  Connection Young Barents bus from Tornio via Ivalo to Rock Attack Barents -festival Murmansk.
Again it was nice to visit friends, Murmansk Youth House Mr Pink, listening good rock`n roll and feel the atmosphere of the biggest city in the world situated on  the northern side of Polar Circle. And Johannes Kastanja women did a marvellous gig. This time we had Laura from the Center for Youth Affairs in Helsinki with us. It was cool to follow when theatre persons Laura and Zhenja, the founder of Mr Pink, discussed about possibilities to co-operate. I have a strong feeling that this story will continue later this year, excellent.
This is the last year of CYB -Project. Because of this we have put effort to give information and tried to make new contacts from Lapland to North-Western Russia. We do it  in many ways and during whole this year. One important part of this was to make short contact making tour to Rovaniemi and Kemi-Tornio. For CYB and especially for Mr Pink and Think Mental Fashion Project it was good I think. I remember especially street drawing session in Rovaniemi and presentations to Lapland University of Applied Sciences Kemi unit students, auditorium full of people. Nice and worth to try after all we have done.
In Finland we have since 1.1.2013 the so called youth guarantee. It means that a youngster, who has no place to study or no place to work, should get a place to either of these two or into a workshop in three months after he or she is out of all. Municipal government named a local group to take care about this in Inari. My part is to be secretary in this.

Really positive start. I have a good feeling after three meetings. I think that with wide discussion we can achieve at least something because the group is good and persons representing different institutións seem to be really involved. Great, one of those most positive things during whole season.

At first we have had really aquate issues like to get more euros to our mediaworkshop and culture department summer work. Big part of start has been to get to know each other a bit better: youth work, social department, work authorities, representatives of local enterprises, youth parliament, mediaworkshop youngsters. Really interesting and positive.

One important partner in this and with youth work is the local vocational school  The Sámi Education Center. We have done by our mediaworkshop a lot during years but now lot of progress in co-operation to be waited. Good...
Selvä Peli (Sober Game) is a local youth work co-operation network founded already in 2000.  Doing together is the word of today and it's more than this administrative phrase: it's simply more clever together than alone... Saving money, getting more respect and so on. Lots of reasons to make alliances not only here but everywhere.
I think we have created a good tradition to Ivalo: Game Over -event in the evening of school ending day powered by Selvä Peli -group. It's an alternative event with lots of different activities and good food for families, children, youngsters. It's a quite big thing with Radio Inari following on the air Game Over and everything else happening in that evening.
And why I say that is' a good tradition: 200 persons can't be wrong. It's really cool to arrange when satisfied audience... It's of cource heavymetal too: lot of work with lots of youhtworkers and voluntary adults.
Our youth parliament had this spring the most important period of it's two year existance. Main thing to each parliament is to compose the top aim list for next three years. Top aim list means that all councils at schools think what should be better in Inari for youngsters. Youth parliament gathers all the ideas together and make the list of the three most important things.
This year youngsters had a lot of effort to do it. They had big positive problem: plenty of ideas. I followed the whole process and it was cool. Lot of speaking, lot of thinking but finally after three meetings youth parliament could make the list complete. And what a process was that, respect to youngsters for really good work.
The presentation at our municipal parliament was a success. Members Jaakko and Miikka did really really good work and the discussion after presentation was quite long. I think we in Inari have reached something when we speak about how the youngstes meet local politicians. It took a couple of years but now the situation is good to continue. Positive future,,,
Youth parliament got pretty much publicity after their show. It's good and necessary. One thing which was mentioned was realism with the top aim list. It's cool because still quite often You can listen the words: they are too young, they don't know... Not so positive attitude is this one.
And the topics: euros for making summer work possibilities to youngsters, more possibilities to meet school nurse and some small things to make progress to have possibilities for culture activities. In addition to this their message to politicians was that they should look on the issues of sustainable development when doing local politics. Interesting, really...

This was just a small part of everything in the spring 2014. Many other things happened of cource. Most of things never went to the memory of my Lumia 800. These went...
Afterall is't now time to close the blog... For that there is a positive reason: holiday.
In August happens come back with work and blogging. First one day at office, then European 4 again. This time up to North, destination to marvellous Alta with Hannu, Gigant - Aronnesrocken - steering group meeting... But it's another story....
I wish sunny summer to everybody everywhere. It hasn't been yet that but maybe. We'll see
(to be continued in the autumn, parts 3 - 4/2014)


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