sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2014

Murmansk in my mind...

I did it again after a while... I visited the city I love. It's the biggest in the world situated to the North from Polar Circle. It's Murmansk.

This time I had an interesting reason: Finnish Consulate in St. Petersburg invited me as an expert to make a lecture about youth work in Inari and Finland. It was a part of Finnish movie week powered by Consulate's agency in Murmansk.

Really cool. I felt myself so comfortable and safe cause the session was hold at Murmansk Youth House Mr. Pink, our partner and a Place which I had visited several times before.

So the session was a part of Finnish movie week. I heard via Sari from consulate that actually it was the start of this traditional week. Good movies Tatska (Tattoo) and Black Christmas. I liked. And most important: Mr Pink was practically full of people. Nice

I must try to get an apology from Natacha who worked as an interpretor. I made her life as a hell for one hour but she did her job well. I know her from Inari Sajos Youthforum and great Vasatokka weekend which we had on January. Really cool young woman with lots of efforts.  I give respect to her and all the persons who have worked for Murmansk Youth House Mr. Pink.

Well, all went okay, at least in principle. We had a possibility to listen a guy from Finland speaking about work with youngsters in prisons at Murmansk Region. It was touching. Competition of What do You know about The Holy Bible in Mr Pink was a kind of surprise of cource but maybe that was the way to go... And finally we saw how five Swedish choclades were changed into one Russian. That was cool....

I stayed at Gubernsky Hotel, old Soviet Party Hotel, familiar to me from some other trips. Actually first one already in 1992. Hotel is partly in it's original 1950-century style. Peaceful, situated in the middle of everything next to Duma, not expensive compared with Meridian and Park Inn, those hotels which kind of You can see everywhere. Gubernsky is different, You still can feel the atmosphere of Central Committee of Communist Party.

Because of coming Youth Parliament Helsinki attack, I had to work at Hotel. Still this time I had some moments just to hang around, only  in the city center but anyway. I liked how city had created colour to it's center by using different kinds of lights. Progress again, maybe just a bit but anyway.

I also had time to meet my friends without any pressure about project reporting, steering group meetings or implementing an event. Pretty cool. Speaking about just everyday life issues... Theraphy to all. I guess... I hope anyway.

I was thinking about the fact: ordinary people always pay the price about the things what politicians make. I know that in some municipalities they think if it is okay to send youngsters to Russia because of the political situation, Ukraine and so on. I do understand this but on the other hand I don't. We must not raise our hands up and just give up. We simply have to continue the communication and co-operation with ordinary citizens and organizations, youngsters especially. Change is possible... Maybe not tomorrow but in coming future. We have so much common in the northern areas... And it's a real fact for our youngsters and their future no matter if they live in Kola Peninsula, Lapland, Norrbotten or Finnmark.

What is our answer to this question? Let's think about it....


Again we heard about one more tragedy at schools. This time in Utsjoki. This terrible action makes most people wordless: why? What have we done totally wrong so that an innocent young person pays the most highest price which we can imagine. All mental support to Utsjoki... It's a small community. Nobody is outsider.... At Mr Pink we talked about youngsters life, usual. challenges, problems. This tragedy was shortly on agenda... Sound of silence among audience....


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